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Is vodka originally from Russia?

Why is this tequila wearing a hat?

Who was the first to create spirits?

What does V.S.O.P stand for?

Do you have the feeling, that you don’t really know what you’re drinking? Do you need some fun facts for the next party, when people ask the question “Does anyone know what this is”? There are a lot of reasons, to why you should go on and read all these pages. No matter what, these pages are filled with important information about spirits. Not that important that they might save your life some day, but still… important..

When you search for spirits on the internet, you usually end up on a webpage containing information on a single type of alcohol. This is what we are trying to avoid. You might already have found the different pages with recipes, where there is a line or two about the spirits used in the drinks. Our goal is to create pages for everyone, where you can find every little detail about every brand and product.

Besides a description of how the spirits taste and smell, we also include information on the brand, where they originate from, how they are made etc.

Below you can find a list of different types of spirits and brands

List of spirits

Where do spirits originate from?

Humans have been drinking wine for more than 10.000 years, but scientists didn’t discover the most important thing before the middle ages. They heated the wine, making the alcohol evaporate quicker than the water, and in that way collect a stronger concentration of alcohol through the alcoholic fumes: spirits.

The oldest versions of spirits are expected to originate from dates and honey, because wild grapes and fruits have a too high level of sugar to create good wine. This is why a lot of time is spent growing special grapes and fruit to use.

In Greece, about 2700 years ago, they created wine containing 15% alcohol, and therefore they created the strongest possible alcohol at the time, and according to The Old Testament the first thing Noah did after the great flood, was to plant wine fields.