Skittles Vodka Pong

We recommend 2+ Players for Skittles Vodka Pong

What do you need:

12 shot glasses

A bag of Skittles

1 bottle of Skittles Vodka (Or another type of shots… but, you know.. Skittles Vodka is best for this one)

A table to play this game on

How to play Skittles Vodka Pong:

Start by placing 6 shot glasses in each end of the table. They must be placed like bowling pins.

If you have ever tried Beer Pong you know how this is done.

Fill the shot glasses with skittles vodka. Now you are ready to start.

Take turns to throw a skittle at your opponents shot glasses. if you hit into a glass, he must drink the shot. If he hits one of your glasses, you must drink the one it lands in. If you don’t hit a glass, it is your opponents turn. This continues until one of the two players have lost all their shots. The loser have to drink the rest of the winners shots.

WARNING: Do not play this more than one time at the same party and do not play it if you are already really drunk. If you are really bad and keeps losing, 12 shots is a lot of alcohol. Well, it is a lot of alcohol even if you win, but you know what I mean. You consume a lot if you lose.


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