The Battlefield Drinking game

We recommend being 2 or more players for the Battlefield drinking game. 

You will need:

A computer or a console, on which you can play Battlefield.


How to play the Battlefield drinking game:

The rules are simple. You play an online game of Battlefield and you have to kill as many other payers as possible and at the same time, win the game. Therefore there are consequenses depending on when you die and what you accomplish:

Die before killing any other players– 1 shot

Dead after killing one other player – Home safe, you don’t have to drink

Dead after killing 2 other players – Everyone else takes 1 shot

Dead after killing 4 – everybody else takes 2 shots. From here, it is one ekstra shot pr. double up that gets killed. 8 gives 3 shots, 16 gives 4 shots and so on…

Multi Kill – Everybody takes 2 shots

Squad Wipe – Everybody takes 1 shot

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