Family Guy

We recommend being 2+ players for this game. 

You’ll need: 

  • One or more episodes of Family Guy
  • Alcohol

How to play: 

Drink one finger for each time…:

  • Peter does something stupid
  • Peter laughs
  • Quagmire says ‘giggity’
  • There’s a flashback
  • Peter is drunk
  • Lois is cooking
  • Stewie says ‘Victory is mine’
  • Peter says ‘Sweet’
  • Stewie has a gun/weapon
  • Stewie talks to a random adult
  • Quahog News is on TV
  • Trisha Takinowa is reporting

Drink 2 fingers for each time…

  • There’s an incredibly long scene
  • Brian and Stewie fights
  • Peter is on the phone
  • Joe says ‘ All right, let’s do it!’ 
  • Chris does something stupid

Drink 3 fingers for each time….

  • Someone falls
  • The evil monkey appears
  • There’s a parody on another comic/cartoon
  • Someone breaks into singing
  • The upside-down-headed boy appears

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