Battle Sips

We recommend 4 spillere divided unto 2 teams for Battle Sips


You will need:

2 pingpong balls

52 plastic cups

1 deck of playing cards

Alcohol (Beer, RTD, drinks, etc.)


How to play Battle Sips:

Each team gets one half of the card deck – one team gets the red cards, the other gets the black cards. Each team mixes the cards and place them face down on the table, with a plastic cup with a bit of alcohol/beer on top of each. The goal with the game is to remove all ace’s and picture cards from the other teams side.

The game is played like beer pong, but instead of just drinking the content, the card will have to be turned around as well, revealing its value. The first team to lose all their ace’s and picture cards have lost.

Extra rules:

Add a joker to each side along with an extra cup. Add a punishment to the one who hits the cup with the joker underneath.


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