Bar at Home Guide

Many people would like to have a bar at home, but it is not always as easy as it sounds. A lot thinks that a bar at home can be a small collection of liquor: a cheap vodka, a half full Bacardi rum from the last party, a few beers and maybe a can of cider. But is that really a bar? On the other hand, it doesn’t have to be a huge collection of liquor, like my own has ended up being, because I can’t stop buying the fancy bottles. You only have to get the most important things in the beginning and this is where the guide can help you from the start. The most important chapter of this guide might be the first, the liquor for your bar.

Chapter 1: Liquor for your bar at home

When you have found out which spirits you want to buy, it is about time that you find something to mix with the alcohol. Every drink is a mix of at least two things. Eggnog and orange soda is not a very good choice, if you ask me.

Chapter 2: Fillers

One of the things that seperates a normal homemixed drink from the cocktails you get at the local bar, is actually the small details. The small things which give the drink just a little bit different taste from the cocktails you mix at home. The small things can make big differences in cocktails, so why not get som of the small things? This is why you should get a few modifiers.

Chapter 3: Modifiers

When you’ve got your liquor and mixers, then you’ve actually got the most necessary. You can divide this guide into two parts: need and nice. Need is chapter 1-3, the necessary things. The next chapters are the nice part, where you can add something extra to your drinks. So lets start with the equipment.

Chapter 4: Bar equipment

Now that your drink can be made properly, how about serving it properly too? Instead of serving your freshly made Piña Colada in a coffe mug, you should use a hurricane glass instead! If you don’t know a hurricane glass yet, don’t worry. The guide will explain in chapter 5. Oh look, there it is!

Chapter 5: Glassware

Now you have almost everything! But do you know what would be nice? Garnishment. It is like wearing a suit, which is nice, but a butterfly or tie can add the last to it. So go on, get out there and buy some fancy garnishment for your drinks!

Chapter 6: Garnishment