Courvoisier was founded in 1835 by Emanuel Courvoisier and his business partner Louis Gallois.
The two business men had a wine- and liquor trading company and according to the legend, their success started when Napoleon Bonaparte visited their store in 1811, where he showed such a great interest for Courvoisier, that he bought multiple barrels to bring home to his british coloni in St Helena. Even though this would be an incrredibly good history for the company, there is no proof that he actually had any interest in Courvoisier. The main reason for this would be that the company was founded 14 years after Napoleons death in 1821.

Today the Cognac is produced in Jarnac, in the Carente region, in southern France. Courvoisier is especially recognised for their high quality, which is shown by being the only cognac to recieve the fine title “Prestige de la France”.