Monin liqueur

The history of Monin dates back to the start of the 1900. Georges Monin was a French flavour enthustiast and chef. He often made food and served cocktails for his family-in-law, which presumely would just be for making a good impression. One night he decided that he wanted to serve a cocktail, but it was like something was missing. When he looked through his bar cabinet, he realised that all his bottles where boring and lacked flavour. Therefore he started travelling through the French towns, looking for a more exciting liqueur to serve, but without any luck. Because of this, he decided to make something useful himself. After several years of experiments, George finally made a liqueur which was good enough to serve for his family-in-law, which also became the foundation for starting his own company in 1912. In 1930 Monin exported to most of Europe and the Caribbean. Besides from producing liqueur, they also make syrup, fruit puree and more. You can see their liqueur products further down on this page.