The name of Arette comes from a famous house, who won gold at the Olympic Games in 1948. The concept behind Arette tequila, is to creat a tequila with the same passion and power as the horse Arette had back then.

The distilleri masters Eduardo and Jaime Orendain, grandchildren of Don Eduardo, is the 5th generation of the family who produces tequila. Eduardo is the former mayor of the city Tequila and is currently president of National Chamber for the Tequila Industry. The distilleri El Llano, which produces Arette Tequila, is the original building where the Orendain family have produced tequila since that start of the 1900s. The building underwent a renovation in 1978 and the Arette brand was made in 1986.

The Orendain brothers puts quality over quantity, which is why they still make the tequila in the same fashion as their ancestors.