Don Julio

Don Julio is named after the founder Don Julio González, who began distilling tequila back in 1942 in Jalisco. Being only 17 years old he started the distilleri La Primavera – The spring. In the beginning, the distilleri was made to produce quality tequila for his nearest friend and family, but with the time his tequila became so popular that he could make a bigger business out of it. For Don Julios 60th birthday in 1985, his sons made a tequila in his name, Don Julio, which is the tequila that started the new tequila brand Don Julio in 1987. Don Julio was seen as the worlds first luxury tequila. Normally the tequila bottles where very tall and was hidden underneath the table, for people to be able to see each other sitting down, but Don Julio González designed a short bottle, as he meant that his tequila was worthy of a spot on the table, instead of being hidden away. Don Julio González died in 2012.