Dom Perignon Champagne

The Dom Pérignon champagne is named after a Benedictine munk, who lived in the end of the 1600s and died in 1715. There have been a lot of rumors, that it was the same man who invented sparkling wine and champagne.

What this munk can be credited for, is developing and passing on multiple techniques for future generations. It is told that where the first to suggest, that champagne bottles should be closed with a cork and metal netting.

The champagne we know today is not the same as back then, since the munk tried to make regular wine. His techniques was an attempt to get rid of the bubbles, which is one of the most important parts of the sparkling wine and champagne we have today. In 1832 the company Moët and Chandon bought the old monastery Hautvillers, which is the same monastery that Dom Perignon lived in, along with the wine fields around it. This is where the Dom Pérignon we know today was born. Which also means that this is where the brand “Dom Pérignon” began. The first bottle was sold in 1936, and it was a Prestige Cuvée from 1921.

Dom Pérignon is only made as vintage champagne, with 5 million bottles being produced for each edition. Since it is a vintage champagne, it normally have to rest for 3 years, but this brand have a requirement of 7-8 years. If the wine isn’t finished after 7-8 years, it gets some more time. There is no rush. It is the cellar master Richard Geoffroy, Dom Pérignons “Chef de Cave”, who decides when the different vintages are ready. This is the same reason why the wine from 2009 was sold before the one from 2008. 2009 was ready first.