Circle of Death

We recommend 2+ players for Circle of Death


What do you need:

1 deck of cards (you can use more than one if you want a longer game)

Lots of alcohol


How to play Circle of Death:

Put all the cards in a circle on the table. The game starts when the first player picks a card and turns it around so everyone can see it. The next person must now draw a card and if the card have any relation to the card the person before him/her drew, then they must both drink the collective value of the cards they each have. If the first person got a 10 and the next person got a 3, they must each drink 13 fingers. If the next player then draws a card with relation to the other cards, they must all drink the collective value of the cards. This continues until someone picks a card without relation to the one before it. This breaks the circle and the other players an put their cards away.

The game ends when all the cards are gone or you have run out of alcohol.

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