We recommend 3+ players for the 99 drinking game

What you need:

1 deck of playing cards

How to play 99:

Mix the cards and give each player 5 cards each. It is important to deal the cards face down, so that the players doesn’t see each others cards. The point of the game is to use your cards correctly and to avoid getting 99 or above. The game is played by taking turns putting cards in the middle and counting from that.

The different cards have different values and effects:

Ace – Chance direction of the game. This means that it will now be the same player that put down the last card, before the one using the ace.

2-10 – Count up by the same number that the card shows.

Jack – Plus or minus 1. The player using the card gets to decide which one.

Queen – Minus 10.

King – You get to choose who is the next player to continue the game.


The game starts by placing the top card from the deck face up. For example, if it is a 7, you start the game from 7 and start counting from there. Each time you use a card, you pick up a new one from the deck, unless all cards have already been used. The player that ends up getting 99 or above must take a shot.


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