We recommend 4+ players for Attached (You have to play in pairs)


What you need:


A pen (Or something else you can use for writing)

How to play Attached:

Make a bunch of notes with different body parts. Mix op all the notes. All the players form up in pairs and take a note from the pile. The body part that is mentioned on the note must from now on be attached to the other players similar part. For example: if the note says “shoulder” or even “left shoulder”, they have to keep those in touch for the rest of the game. The game now continues in turns, where the pairs draw new notes and add them to the ones they already have, while keeping the mentioned body parts connected. If all the body parts mentioned on the notes isn’t connected at all times, the pair have lost and they have to take a shot each. Some will sooner or later get un-attached to their partner voluntarily, if they get unlucky with the notes.

The game continues until there is only one pair left.


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