Slip it in

We recommend at least 5+ players for Slip it in


What you need:

A pen (or something else for writing)

A lot of small pieces of paper, with enough space for writing on.


How to play Slip it in:

For this drinking game, it is important that you start as soon as the party begins. The point of the game is to make a lot of weird sentences, that people must try to say during the party, without anyone else guessing that it is their sentence.

The game works the best if you pick a game master, who will make the sentences and stay out of the game itself. The alternative is for everyone to pitch in with writing the small notes. For the game to start, everybody draws a random note from the pile.

The game have now begun and you have to mix your sentence into a regular conversation, without getting caught. If you have said your sentence and more than 5 minutes passes, everyone else in the game must take a shot. If someone guesses that you used your sentence, you must take 3 shots yourself. From here you can either just declare yourself winner/loser or draw a new note to join the game again.

The last important rule is: if you guess incorrect about another players sentence, you have to drink yourself.



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