We recommend being at least 6+ players for the Baseball drinking game.


What you need:

4 shot glasses
1 coin


How to play the Baseball drinking game:

Put the 4 shot glasses in a straight line, fill them with beer and divide the players into 2 teams. The 3 shot glasses now represents the 4 bases, just like the game baseball. The point of the game is to bounce the coin on the table and into the shot glasses.

The first team starts the game by bouncing the coin on the table and hopefully hitting one of the glasses in the line. The two teams take turns bouncing the coin, but the same person can’t shoot twice in a row. If a player gets the coin into one of the glasses, the player must drink all the beer from the glass they hit and in front of it. This means, that if you get the coin into the 3rd glass, you must empty 1, 2 and 3 in the line. The player have now passes 3 bases and only needs to hit one more glass to finish the game.  All players on a team must hit and empty 4 glasses in order to win. The losing team gets a punishment, which must be determined before starting the game.

If you have enough shot glasses, you can make a row for each team or even each player, to make it easier to keep track of the scores.

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