We recommend 3+ players for Buffalo

What do you need:

The ability to think (this game works best early in the night)


How to play Buffalo:

All the players sit in a circle. The youngest person starts the game by slapping one shoulder with the opposite hand to signal which way the game goes and starts the count by saying “One”. (Left hand to right shoulder means that the game goes to the right). The next person continues the game in the same way by slapping a shoulder, counting the next number and so on. The direction can change each time and if anyone doesn’t realize that it is their turn or takes someone else turn, the round resets and the person who makes the mistake has to drink.

When a player gets 7, the slapping is swapped with pointing. The pointing is done with both hands in front of the person, pointing on the two players sitting on each side. As the normal slap, this is done with the left hand point to the right and right hand pointing to the left. The hands must be at different heights and the lowest hand tells the other players which way the game continues. The same is done at 14, but this time the top hand tells which way the game goes.

The game ends at 21, where the player who gets 21 makes a pair of horns with their fingers at the top of their head, says “BUFFALO” and aims at another player, chosen freely between everyone who are a part of the game. The chosen player now has to finish their drink and make a new rule for the next round.

Examples for rules can be:

  • Skip a certain number
  • Point with a certain amount of fingers at a certain number
  • No correct names for other players
  • Bigger punishments for making mistakes

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