Four Horsemen

We recommend 2+ players for Four Horsemen


What do you need:

A deck of cards



How to play Four Horsemen:

Take all 4 kings out of the deck and place them in a row on the table. Mix the rest of the cards and place the pile in the middle of the table. Every player now picks up 7 cards. The point of the game is to get rid of all your cards and you do so by placing them on the table in one of the rows. You can only place a card that is one value lower than the previous. When the game starts, every row has a king and therefore you can only place a queen in the same color. If you can’t lay down a card, you must pick one up from the pile. If you still can’t lay down anything, you pick another. This continues until you can lay something down, after doing so it is the next players turn. 

Every time you place a card, you can give the same number of drinks to another person as there is cards in the row.

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