Civil War

We recommend 4 players divided unto 2 teams for Civil War


You will need:

1 pingpong ball for each player

6 plastic cups for each player



How to play Civil War:

Each player places their 6 cups with beer, cider or whatever they want, in their end of the table. Each player has their own cups, but still plays for the team on their side of the table. The game is played like regular Beer Pong with one team throwing their balls during their turn, but with the main difference that the players do not share their cups with the rest of the team. If a player loses all their cups, they are eliminated from the game and can no longer throw their ball at the enemies. When all players are eliminated from one of the teams, they must drink all remaining cups from the opposing teams side of the table.

If you can find a big or multiple tables, the game can be played with more than 2 teams.

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