Chapter 2: Fillers

If you want to mix good drinks, you need more than just spirits. Even though there is a lot of good drinks mixed only with alcoholic beverages, there is a big chance, that drinks mixed with both liquor and non-alcoholic beverages will have the most success.

A filler is the mixer you use to fill up the glass, after adding the liquor. An example is the known drink “Screwdriver”: It is made of vodka and orange juice. The vodka is the liquor and the orange juice is the filler.

There isn’t a lot of advices to give about fillers. All people have their own opinion on which fillers to use. The best advice is to buy some different sodas, because they don’t expire as fast as juices. At least until you find out what you like.

Juice is a very good filler, but it expires faster than soda. If you want juice in your home bar, you should consider buying a small fridge. In my own home bar, I’ve bought a industrial Monster Energy fridge from a closing store. Another good, and cheaper, idea is to simply buy the juice at the same day as you need it.