José Cuervo

José Cuervo have made tequila for more than 250 years. They have treated the tequila the same way through all these years, with experienses and recipes being passed down from generation to generation.

1758: José Antonio de Cuervo y Valdés was given a piece of land, which he could plant his agave in, by King Ferdinand VI.

1795: Kong Carlos IV gave Jose Maria Guadalupe Cuervo y Montana the first licens, which gave him permissions to produce and distribute tequila.

1852: José Cuervo barrels made the trip to California from San Blas.

1940’s: A Margarita is more than just a girls name, it is the most beautiful drink you will ever meet (According to the company).

1945: 150 year anniversary.

1970’s: Just like champagne is best in France and Scotch is best in Scotland, it was told from 1974 that you should only call a liquor for “tequila” if it was made in certain states of Mexico.

1974: When Tequila Sunrise became a popular drink, José Cuervo was the tequila of choice. The drinks journey into the history books was helped by rock and roll bands, who consumed the drink onboard their private jets and wrote about it in their songs.

2017: At this time, José Cuervo is still the most popular tequila in the world.