Absolut Vodka

Absolut Vodka is a Swedish vodka brand located in Åhus, Sverige. The brand was first introduced in 1979 in New York.

Absolut Vodka is especially known for collaborating with artists, who design motives for the bottles. One of the latest collaborations is Absolut Andy Warhol Edition from 2014, which is inspired by Andy Warhols paintings from 1985. A part of the profit from these bottles went to The Andy Warhol Foundation, which supports young people studying art.

All bottles from Absolut Vodka are produced in Åhus. Absolut Vodka do everything they can to spare the enviroment, from reusing bottles to using the local water streams for cooling their distilling equipment.

Absolut produces 11 million boxes (66 million bottles) per year. They produce 600.000 liters of vodka every day, made from 600.000 kg of grain.

The Absolut distilleri is only manned by 45 employees, despite producing vodka for the entire world.

All raw ressources for Absolut Vodka are found locally in Sweden, with the exception of the ingredients for some flavours, which doesn’t appear naturally in Sweden.

The goal with Aboslut Vodka isn’t to create the smoothes vodka in the world, but to create a vodka where you can taste exactly which raw materials have been used to create it.


Products from Absolut: