Jack Daniels

Jack Daniels is the best selling American whisky to this date.

All bottles of Jack Daniels comes from the same spring in Lynchburg, Tennessee.

Jack Daniels is made with:



Rye (Low procentage)

Jack Daniels is a sour-mask whiskey, which means that a part of the malt from the production are used to start the fermentation in the next production.

150 trucks delivers grain to the distillery each weak and around 500.000 kg are unloaded each day.

Jack Daniels Old No. 7 have been made in the exact same way for over 150 years.

The yeast stays in the Jack Daniels mixture for 4-6 days, where is reaches an alcohol percentage around 12%. After this it is moved into copper stills for distilling. In the still, the mixture is heated to a specific temperature, which makes the alcohol vaporize and go into another champer, while the water remains liquid. The alcohol is cooled down into liquid form, but this time the alcohol percentage is around 70%. The whiskey is not filtered through a 3 meter high silo made of oak, which is filled with specially made charcoal, which is made of white American oak. When they make the charcoal, the wood is ignited with whiskey from the distillery, to avoid the use of unnatural substances. The charcoal is changed roughly every 6 months.

It takes 4-5 days for the whiskey to run through the silo, and when it leaves the silo, it can be classified as Tennessee Whiskey. What seperates Tennessee Whiskey from Bourbon, is this part where the whiskey is matured using charcoal.

The barrels used at Jack Daniels is made with the same wood as the charcoal they use: white American oak. Every barrel contains around 210 liters, and the whiskey is aged for 4-7 years before it is bottled.