The Dalmore

The Dalmore is a Scottish whisky distillery with a very long history. The distillery itself isn’t from 1263, but this where the history behind their brand begins. Back in 1263, the king of Scotland, Alexander the 3rd, where on a hunt with a company of nobles. Among them was Colin of Kintail, the leader of the Mackenzie clan. During the hunt a stag suddenly stormed against the king and the only one who reacted was Colin. He stabbed the stag through the skull with his spear, while shouting “Cuidich ‘n’ Righ” – which is Gallic for “Save the king”.

In gratitude for saving his life, the king gav him the area Eilean Donan, the motto “Luceo non uro” which directly translated means “I glow, but doesn’t burn” and most importantly the logo with the 12-tooth antler.

In 1839, Alexander Matheson founded The Dalmore distillery. After 28 years he decided that it was time for new blood for the distillery and this is where the distillery was taken over by Andrew and Charles Mackenzie, direct descendants of Colin Mackenzie. They added the 12-tooth antler as the logo of the distillery and continued the production of whisky.