The champagne house Ayala where founded in Aÿ by Edmond de Ayala, in 1860. Edmond was very adventurous, which is the reason why he decided to move to Aÿ and study the art of making champagne. Despite being a new champagne house, Ayala could quickly expand thanks to Edmonds smaller brother, Fernand de Ayala, who in 1863 moved to London and started mingling with the richer parts of society there. The champagne house Ayala had its golden age in the 1920s, where they produced over 1 million bottles per year.

The golden age ended with the 2. world war, as the leaders of the champagne house where busy with leading roles in the champagne trade associations.

Today Ayala is owned by the Bollinger family, who bought the champagne house back in 2005, with the intentions of making Ayala the sought after brand it used to be before the war. It was decided that it should be done following Ayalas spirit, which meant that the champagne house should be a family business and therefore it have only got 15 employees.

The Ayala champagne house is not completely the same as in 1860. In 1911 the champagne house was destroyed and only rebuild 2 years later. This means that the buildings aren’t exactly the same, but they where rebuild in the same style as the original ones… and of course there is still over 2km of tunnels, storing close to 2,5 million champagne bottles.