Liquor for your bar at home

When you’re going out to get the liquor for your bar, the most important thing is to get as large a range of different alcohol as possible. You can always swap the cheap bottles out with better quality later on. You can begin buying the more fancy things when you’ve got the basis spirits: vodka, gin, rum, whiskey and a few liqueurs. When you’ve got the most essential, you can begin getting the more exotic things as champagne, colourfull liqueurs and expensive cognacs. But before you start buying everything I’ve listed above, you should consider which type of bar you want at home. Do you just want a huge collection of expensive bottles? Du you want a big range of the cheaper brands? Do you want everything you can find?

When I started my own bar at home, I looked for vodka with flavour. At that time, I didn’t drink a lot else than flavoured vodka mixed with soda. I started buying a brand named CUBA, which has 10 different flavours as standard. With flavoured vodkas, you can both mix the vodkas for shots and you can mix it with everything from soda to juice. When I had the first basic bottles, I started buying all kinds of bottles. No matter if I needed them or not. Now I have over 150 different bottles from all around the world.

So the short answer is: find out what you want in the beginning. It is a waste to buy a lot of cognac, if you better like the vodka and juice drinks.